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   About Our Socks
The secret to the incredible comfort and fit of Annapurna Fitness Socks is:
The right structure, the right materials, in the right place
Our advanced customized machinery lets us precisely control the characteristics of every single one of the thousands of points on the sock, to create socks that are perfectly adapted for each activity.
The right socks:
· Dissipate shock and reduce jarring to the body
· Prevent sweat build-up
· Prevent blisters, calluses and other foot problems
· Prevent chafing
· Provide support and all-day comfort
The characteristics of the socks depend on the materials used and on the structure of the socks, including areas of padding, multiple layers, elasticity and evaporation channels for moisture management.

In addition to natural fibers such as organic cotton and merino wool, we work with some of the most advanced materials in the world and are always searching for new materials with desirable characteristics. Materials we use at Annapurna Fitness Socks include Coolmax® (provides wicking and cooling), Thermolite® (is lightweight and warm with wicking ability), Lycra® (provides elasticity), X‑Static® (is antimicrobial and anti-static), fibers incorporating Cupron® (protects against bacteria and fungi that cause foot odor), Comfortrel XP® (provides breathability and wicking) and PrimaLoft® (is soft, lightweight, breathable and water-repellent).

During high-performance activities, the body is jarred every time the foot touches the ground. This jarring reduces endurance, and can damage the knees, the back, and other parts of the body.
Annapurna Fitness Socks reduce jarring by providing the right degree of padding in the right locations on the sock. Different types of activities require padding in different areas and in different thicknesses. For example, a skier requires different padding than a runner or walker, or than someone hiking 15 miles wearing a 100-pound backpack.
Too little padding doesn’t do the job. Too much padding is uncomfortable and can cause chafing. We have the experience to do it right. Our custom machinery allows us to create padding in a wide range of thicknesses, from very lightweight to very thick, and everything in between.

Multiple Layers

Some socks require multiple layers, whether for the entire sock or for specific areas. Annapurna Fitness Socks can control the materials and the structure of every part of the sock, providing the right combination of wicking, thermal insulation, support or any other characteristic required. For activities where durability of the sock is an issue, a polyamide outer layer is provided at high-friction areas.

When socks don’t fit properly, they can rub and cause blisters. The elasticity of the socks must be firm enough to provide support and maintain the fit of the socks throughout the duration of the activity – all day, if necessary – but not so tight that it leads to discomfort. Annapurna Fitness Socks include “grip zones” where needed, to provide the perfect degree of elasticity at each point of the sock and to give the support required for the activity.

Moisture Management
Our socks provide superior moisture management. The materials we use in the different layers of the socks provide wicking. The layer closest to the skin consists of non-absorbent fibers that draw moisture away from the foot. The second layer is fast-drying and absorbent, so it pulls the moisture away from the first layer and then evaporates it.
Where required, key areas of the sock incorporate custom channels and panels, to facilitate evaporation of the moisture.

Comfort and Fit

Annapurna Fitness Socks are the most comfortable and well-fitting high-performance socks you can find. Our expertise and our customized machinery mean we can precisely control the characteristics of every single one of the thousands of individual points of the sock – the materials, thickness, elasticity, insulation, ventilation – resulting in a sock that provides the highest degree of support, protection and comfort.
    Annapurna Fitness Socks for:
·         Comfort
·         Quality
·         Durability
·         Long-lasting fit
Annapurna Fitness Socks are pre-shrunk at the factory, so they always maintain their size and shape. Quality, durability, comfort – the perfect sock for high-performance activities.




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