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Smart Knitting Socks
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 Ski Snowboard Socks

Designed for extreme sports and extreme cold. Made with
Dralon®, combining warmth, comfort and ultimate durability in
socks that always hold their shape. Extra padding in strategic
places prevents slippage during highly active sports. Superior
ventilation keeps the feet dry while maintaining natural body
heat in snow, ice and freezing weather conditions.
■ Contains Dralon® for superior warmth and softness
■ No-slip comfort band
■ Terry padding construction
■ Extra cushioning
■ Flat toe seam
■ Elastic arch support

Slip-free confort top
Flat toe sean
Elastic arch support
Padding Tarry construction

Dralon® (acrylic) 87%
Elastane 7%
Polyamide 6%

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